Tuesday, 3 February 2009

~mbfGL( )

OK, bad idea.

The effort necessary to encapsulate GLUT/freeglut in a single class is an herculean task.

What I'd accomplished until now was:

As one may notice the mbfGL class is made of static members. So, actually speaking, it's a lie.

After some forum scrutinizing I've concluded that Qt is what I'm looking for: an OO approach to OpenGL needs.

For now, I'll remain coding on freeglut.

Qt scheduled.

mbfGL( )

As said before, I'm drafting an OpenGL framework.

No. I don't mean to replace GLUT, freeglut, or the like... I just want to have a generic handy code to plot on screen.

mbfGL is just GLUT/freeglut encapsulated in a class. For now, I've just transcribed NeHe - Lesson 2 into it.

It compiles well, but I think I'm commiting some linkediting mistake, because I can't separate the class implementation (mbfGL.o) from the module that contains the main function: it returns a "undefined reference to main" error. The solution for now is to linkedit all together (mbfGL.cpp and main.cpp).