Wednesday, 11 February 2009

It works!

My fault was to start from complexity. I designed a "powerful" class that acctualy did nothing. Yes, I know, sounds lamme and stupid, but when you mix, C++ programming, computer graphics and rigorous software engineering, sometimes the ground disapears bellow your feets. It just got too complex.

The bellow sphere was hard corded, and it works.

That makes me think that I must review my failed attempts, with lots of overloading, constructors, pointers, etc.

Lighting is hard


I'm having a hard time with lighting. I'm developing a clsLight to deal with basic issues, but for some unknown reason I'm letting something slip through my fingers.

Lighting seems to be a "dark" place to one adventure himself. Albeit the large number of OpenGL tutorials into the Internet, I'd not found anything deeper than "the lit sphere" cases...

My time on Cryptex 3D is becaming scarce also, as some professional duties are taking precedence over it.