Sunday, 1 February 2009

Google 3D Warehouse

Well, after some more browsing I've found the Google 3D Warehouse - an on-line repository of 3D models of all kinds.

There I've found those (click on the image to see it 3d):

I think it can give me a good starting point.

Although I need to find the .skp file format documentation.

Oh my God! What a shame!

It already exists! What a lack of creativity of mine...

It seems that Cryptex of Time fulfills my initial proposal. And it seems very, very cool indeed!

Well, I'll need to learn to live with that. I just think it will demand some time...


OK, done.

It seems that someone also had done something similar here:

This model was conceived in 3d Studio Max. I think it don't met all my programming issues, however it can give me some visual standards about all the hard work I'll have ahead.

The idea

Well, this project had come into being from my necessity on remembering some Computer Graphics topics, and from my pragmatic way of learning from practice.

It's flickering for a long time, like a lamp in a night of blackouts and lightnings, turning itself on and off as my laziness, responsibilities, priorities and many others issues took precedence over it.

Now, I don't know if it'll be very different as before, but at least I'll try to keep record of it.

Oh yes! The idea... I'd almost forgot it.

My main objective here is to model a computational 3d cryptex. And to make it rotate, open, and hold some secret information inside (of course). For now, I'll not load much more than this, as I'm searching the web for some prerequisites I need to remember before starting into it. I swear that I'll try to keep record of all my steps from now - maybe some link section.

Sorry for you, dear reader that had born in a English spoken country for reading this blog, but I think that my records would be more useful in your international idiom - albeit I'm being self taught on it. Any corrections are welcome - both in grammar and content 'per se'.