Saturday, 7 February 2009

On the beginning there was only darkness

I'm a little stucked on lighting because the normals; then, Analytical Geometry there I go...

I've found the Paul's Online Math Notes and it had helped me a lot with my revision. Ok, to be honest I did not get too deep into it, just vectorial stuff needed to understand normals, cross products, etc.

After some reading I've developed a template class (tplVector) with nice operator overloading to deal with vectorial arithmetics and so on. I'll post it here later after some more debugging - it looks stable, until now.

Bellow, I hope, the last of non lit snapshots:

This colorful effect can be obtained by setting the glColor (vertex by vertex) to the same values as the vertex coordinates (Red = x, Green = y, Blue = z). How? OpenGL interpolates the missing colors from the given vertexes color data.