Monday, 2 February 2009

Home work

I got no news today.

I was, once, a good C++ programmer. I still knew how to do it... I just can't remember all the details. Anyway, this is the main focus of the project: (re)learn by fun.

Today I'd done some research:

  • C++
  • makefiles
  • automatic documentation
  • on-line code snippets gadgets
  • GLUT (that now came into being freeglut)
That's all on the Linkography section.

I did also some exercises, and begin to draft an OpenGL framework of mine. Bugs, bad code, warnings, errors, all the noob dilemmas are back again...

Sorry if you can't find here a detailed description of all my steps. I don't work that way. I usually research a bit here a bit there, changing topics as fast as I change TV channels when it gets boring. Be cool, no beer while researching, I swear.